Who is David Kennedy?

David Kennedy is UI/UX & Product Designer specializing in Apps (iOS, iPadOS, WatchOS, MacOS, tvOS, Android), 3D Graphics and Video Games. Has a degree in Computer Science.

Previously worked for Apple in California as a Product Designer on the App Sore, Game Center and Apple Arcade.

Located in Melbourne, Australia.

Half Moon Bay, California USA

Hello there!

I’m David Kennedy, freelance UI/UX & Product Designer.

I’ve been designing mobile apps and digital products for over 15 years, from Video Games to Apps and Websites and even worked at  Apple in California on the App Store, Game Center and Apple Arcade.

I bring a unique mix of design, business and technology to my work.

I'm a designer, first and foremost, and am passionate about creating user experiences and digital products that are innovative yet simple to use.

I've got real-world business experience of creating and launching digital products and services. I've worked with entrepreneurs, startups, studios and businesses of all sizes. I have design leadership experience, so comfortable talking to any stakeholders at any level.

I'm also technical, given my degree in Computer Science and engineering background, so don't mind diving into the details with engineering to understand platform capabilities and opportunities.

Much of my work is protected by NDAs but feel free to reach out if you would like to know more about my process, skills and work or simply have a chat about your next project.

I'm located in Melbourne, Australia but available to work remotely worldwide.

3D Graphics

Modelling, Texturing & Animation in Blender 3D.

Accessibility Design

Inclusive and accessible designs including typography, colour contrast and interaction.


Android Platform experience and deep Material Design pattern knowledge.


Expert knowledge of Apple Platforms and design patterns, having designed apps since 2010 and even working at Apple in California.

Computer Science

David started off his career with a university degree in Computer Science and worked as an engineer for many years before switching to design. Deep knowledge of platforms and engineering friendly.

Console & TV App

Experience designing for a 10ft experience whether it be a video game or TV app.

Desktop App

Designing for the desktop experience across Mac & PC.

Game Engine

Prototyping and implementing UI in game engine with Unity 3D.

Mobile App

Extensive experience designing for mobile across iOS and Android.

Motion Design

Animation, Micro-Interactions and Motion graphics design using Adobe After Effects.

Product Design

Combing all his skills to design products end to end.

Tablet App

Designing for iPad and what makes a great UX for these powerful devices.

UI Design

Expert knowledge of native User Interface (UI) patterns across all platforms.

UX Design

Expert User Experience (UX) Design experience, from hands on design across all UX disciplines including design, research, testing, leadership & mentorship.

Video Game Design

With a passion for Video Games, David worked for Apple on a number of gaming services and has now turned to working on actual games themselves.

Watch App

Experience designing for the Apple Watch.

Let's work together

If you have a project in mind that you would like to collaborate on, I'd love to hear about it!

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