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Ex-Apple designer with a unique mix of design, business and technology. Specialising in UI/UX design for Apps, 3D and Video Games.

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Ratio Pro: Golden Ratio Calculator for Designers

The golden ratio made easy for Product & UI/UX Designers. Pixel Perfect numbers ready to punch into your design tool of choice. No math required.

Designed and made by Dangerous Pixels.
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Selected Projects

Many of my projects are protected by NDAs and so unfortunately can't be shared. Below is a sample of recent projects.


Here's what some of the people I've worked with have to say.

A true professional and an outstanding designer, it was a pleasure to work with David over a number of months. Through his expertise and experience, he shaped not only our platform's design discovery phase, but also contributed valuable input to the problem-solving of key aspects and features of the business - which is a true testament to his flexibility. We owe the beauty and simplicity of our platform’s design to him.
Zam Taranto
Design Director
Dave Kennedy is an incredible UX designer. He's intelligent and intuitive, quickly grasping and translating completely abstract ideas into original and beautiful designs. He's always motivated and inspired to push creative boundaries and learn more. Dave is a true leader and helps others see problems and solutions in completely new ways, and his calm, easy going and thoughtful presence is a huge asset in any situation.
Nerissa Beattie
Founder, Psychology & Content Lead
The People Spot
David is one of the strongest designers I’ve worked with. His attention to detail and his seemingly effortless ability to craft beautiful experiences is next-level stuff.
Jonathan Lochhead
Lead UX Designer
ANZ. Previously Apple.
The easiest thing to say is when David is involved - every part of the design gets better. Much better. I had an idea. A good idea. David made it real. There is no one calmer under pressure. He just gets it. He anticipates. He is commercial. He is super easy to work with. He is an incredible UX designer - but I suspect that underplays his worth. He is someone I will always seek out for wisdom, turning ideas into reality and design that is invaluable.
Colin Beattie
CEO & Founder
The People Spot
Dave has a deep understanding of native mobile design backed by a technical mindset and approach. He's an effective communicator and goes well above & beyond on projects, immersing himself in to the problem space, iterating on ideas and delivering high quality designs. One of the best in the business.
Sean Woodhouse
Itty Bitty Apps
David and I worked together for over 3 years and I can confidently say he's one of the strongest designers I've worked with. David brings both leadership and guidance skills, which go above and beyond traditional UX work. He is capable of tapping into any stage of the design process.
James Duggan
Brunswick Design Services
David has a big UX mind. He thinks about things that the rest of us overlook and follows them up with inspiring design solutions. David is a standout operator in his field. His biggest strength is his ability to deal with conflicting priorities in high-pressure situations. He never loses his cool which is one of the reasons he stands out as an awesome designer.
Andy Gray
Product Designer


Over 20+ years of industry experience across design and engineering, with an eye for detail and a deep knowledge of technology.

3D Graphics

Modelling, Texturing & Animation in Blender 3D.

Accessibility Design

Inclusive and accessible designs including typography, colour contrast and interaction.


Android Platform experience and deep Material Design pattern knowledge.


Expert knowledge of Apple Platforms and design patterns, having designed apps since 2010 and even working at Apple in California.

Computer Science

David started off his career with a university degree in Computer Science and worked as an engineer for many years before switching to design. Deep knowledge of platforms and engineering friendly.

Console & TV App

Experience designing for a 10ft experience whether it be a video game or TV app.

Desktop App

Designing for the desktop experience across Mac & PC.

Game Engine

Prototyping and implementing UI in game engine with Unity 3D.

Mobile App

Extensive experience designing for mobile across iOS and Android.

Motion Design

Animation, Micro-Interactions and Motion graphics design using Adobe After Effects.

Product Design

Combing all his skills to design products end to end.

Tablet App

Designing for iPad and what makes a great UX for these powerful devices.

UI Design

Expert knowledge of native User Interface (UI) patterns across all platforms.

UX Design

Expert User Experience (UX) Design experience, from hands on design across all UX disciplines including design, research, testing, leadership & mentorship.

Video Game Design

With a passion for Video Games, David worked for Apple on a number of gaming services and has now turned to working on actual games themselves.

Watch App

Experience designing for the Apple Watch.

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